More and more we hear the term Entrepreneur in the media and from politicians these days. They are saying that Entrepreneurs are the primary creators of jobs in the economy, and I agree completely. But what is it that these Entrepreneurs are doing different? What is an entrepreneur made of and what really describes one?

Growing up I was always looking for opportunities, and I thought it was just because I wanted to be successful and make money. I didn’t realize until later in life that what I was really seeking was more than just money and success. I was fulfilling an inner desire to take an idea, mold it, push on it, worry about it, get excited to tell others about it, and jump up and down at each sign that it was slowly manifesting into existence. Creation seems to be the key here, just like an artist or musician.

How do I know this? Ask anyone who has sold a company for big money, and then ask them what they did after that (I have asked plenty). They may have traveled the world or enjoyed the beach for a while, but they usually revert back to that inner desire to create and manifest. Money was not the answer. Now, especially with the freedom of money, comes a desire to manifest at an even higher level.

This is what Steve Wynn called the Dark Side of Entrepreneurism and spoke to us about at the EO 20 yr celebration in Vegas. You risk it all so that you can continue to create and manifest at the expense of the fortune you have already created. Steve did this when he opened and created Wynn Properties.

The one word that encompasses being an Entrepreneur is the magical word “Freedom!” When you run a business you are free to be who you want to be, to go the direction you see fit and to manage people the way you think best. From that the market place is your gauge for success.

So when you have freedom to create, share and grow (one of our core values) in the areas that you are most passionate about… out of you comes the highest expression of who you are. When you stir this soup, what you get are people running high growth companies that create jobs. These jobs also allow for self expression and living a purpose, which in turn attracts high caliber people generating a positive feedback loop, which leads to more growth and jobs.

Entrepreneurs of the world: We thank you all for your desire to create and manifest, making the world a better place!