There are a lot of theories floating around on the world and how things work. There are just as many assumptions, which the majority of us live by to varying degrees. Take for instance, opposites. It’s the general consensus that everything has an opposite. If I asked you the opposite of dark and cold, you would likely say light and hot, respectively. Have you considered that dark is merely the absence of light, and cold the absence of heat? If you added 10 degrees of heat to -200 degrees, does that make it hot, or just less cold?

Looking at it from this perspective shows us that they are linear graduations on the same line, according to Dr. David Hawkins in his book I: Reality and Subjectivity.

I: Reality and Subjectivity, pg 47
So maybe what we really have is a spectrum or a gradient of options that provide the opportunity to have even more choices, solutions, common view points, and less duality to cause disagreement. It doesn’t always have to be one or the other.

I first read this book about 4 years ago, and after really contemplating the subject, I see its implications all around. Could a business that is facing a world of opposing choices use this philosophy to find more solutions within a range? Could politicians find more common ground? Could scientists find more answers? Maybe if we had a little less duality the world could experience less dividedness.