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  • 2 Questions for Warren Buffett

    I discovered some interesting reading in Warren Buffett’s recent annual report from Berkshire Hathaway. I have read this report for years and always find it to contain valuable information. I found some of his comments in this recent report rather intriguing given how he threw himself out to be a political ping pong as of late.

    When you open the report, one thing stands out right away. Just look at how Berkshire’s performance compares to the S&P 500 from 1964 to 2011. The difference is astronomical.

  • Wisdom from the Cash King, Buffett!

    Having come from the investment world, I like to stay informed and keep my eye on what people are seeing and thinking about prospects for growth and where the world is going.  For that reason, I always find reading Berkshire Hathaway’s annual report written by Warren Buffett very informative, down to earth, and a balancer to all the hype and exaggeration about how bad things look out there.  The world is not ending, even though it is going to be a hard road for many.

  • Investing: Sometimes the mattress looks good…

    22 years in the investment world, running a money management and mutual firm taught me a thing or two. I experienced ups and downs, and learned a lot. The world is a difficult place when it comes to stock markets, and trying to decide where to place your money. In case you haven’t noticed, after a decade the markets today are still lower than they were in 2000. Scary thought.

    It’s my experience that those in the marketplace that manage money have short streaks of what appears to be brilliance. They are labeled as a guru, right up until something changes in the market, and they go back to being the average Joe, or even worse, losing lots of money.