Kick Start The New Year

As we start the New Year, so many of us reflect upon what it would be like to make this year a better one. Instead, what if we think about how we can make it happen? How does the reality changethat we want to see actually manifest? It happens by first figuring out where you want to go and removing the obstacles that are stopping you from getting there.

When I was in Istanbul, Turkey I heard Matthew Kelly talking about getting to where you want to go and dreaming of the possibilities of what might be. As a life and business coach, Matthew helps people and businesses focus on their greatest desires and dreams and then helps them get there. He also wrote the best-selling book The Dream Manager. Reading his latest blog post reminded me of some of the planning, focus, and what we should avoid in order to reach our greatest desires.

To kick start your life and make 2013 the best ever, ask yourself the same questions Matthew asks. I will share the questions as well as provide one example from each to demonstrate changes I will make this coming year.

  1. If you could only accomplish three things next year, what would they be?
  1. What are you going to do to ensure you have more energy next year than you did this year?
  1. What relationships do you want to improve? How will you improve them?
  1. What new habit(s) are you going to adopt in 2013 to grow spiritually?
  1. What bad habits are you going to eliminate?
  1. What are you going to spend more time doing?
  1. What are you going to spend less time doing?

I will make it a key top priority to build successful mobile apps. I will do P90X2 cardio workouts twice a week on top of the weight workouts to increase my energy. I will improve the relationship with my team and the culture of our company, and I will do this by injecting a positive energy with all my interactions and eliminating any negative people or conversations that come up. I will read a page each day from my spiritual books. I will eliminate the habit of complaining about the small stuff. I will spend more time reading books and material that have big ideas and positively change my thinking. I will spend less time watching negative news stories that bring my vibrational energy down.

What about you? What are a couple of big things that you are going to go after, and what will you eliminate to kick start your life to the big dreams that we are all after?

A Better Version of Myself

I have returned home from my EO adventure in Istanbul, Turkey. What an amazing time with 800 entrepreneurs from 91 EO chapters in 39 countries around the world! We heard many interesting speakers, including the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who sent a recorded message for us. He told us about their country’s openness to trade and commerce. They are the fastest growing G-20 nation at 8.5%.

The city of Istanbul has 16 to 18 million people in a nation of 75 million, so the streets are very congested, which made it slow for us to get around. This worked out well because the city was beautiful, and there was so much to see. They had two key bridges that changed colors at night. It was an amazing site!



Matthew Kelly, the author of “The Dream Manager,” was the opening and closing speaker. He had us think about what we wanted out of the conference and asked us to write down our biggest challenge and greatest opportunity, so we could get our wheels spinning as the speakers shared ideas. His constant reminder that you are working to be a higher version of yourself really stuck with me. When we are striving for that, we find peace in who we are.

He discussed that entrepreneurs do what they do because the future can be bigger than the past. This struck me as something that is so true. We will sacrifice now and take the risk of the unknown because that burning desire in our gut tells us it is the best thing to do for a better future. He was inspiring and right on with his key points.

Another great speaker, Doc Hendley, rocked the house from a “do good and change the world” type of way. Doc started out as a bartender, but he woke up one day with this message in his head of Wine to Water. He started researching water and discovered that more people die from lack of clean drinking water than from any other cause. This hit home for me because my favorite charity is CharityWater, which I wrote about recently (see more here). He told his story of going to the worst places on the planet and helping change lives for others, while he almost lost his. Check out this short video on Doc here.

This presentation was so powerful and touching that it allowed over $55,000 to be raised for Wine to Water within one hour after his talk. Interestingly, Doc lives just over the mountains from us in Boone, NC. Fellow EO-er Kirk Finnerty and I are going to work hard to bring Doc to Knoxville and hold a big EO community event here for support Wine to Water.

There were many other talks including “The Happiness Advantage,” the spiritual talk by Dandapani, or the talks by current EO They all inspired me want to dig deeper, search out, and work each day in some small way of being the highest version of myself. members who have risen up from incredibly tough life challenges. They all provided examples or further knowledge of how to strive to be the highest version of yourself. It was an amazing EO University that filled me up in many ways from all sides.

They all inspired me want to dig deeper, search out, and work each day in some small way of being the highest version of myself.

What are your dreams?


What an interesting week!  Last week, I traveled to New York City to participate in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Injected Campus event, which brings the regional EO Forums together.  We met in lower Manhattan to be close to the New York Stock Exchange.

This year during our event, the NYSE opening bell was rung by InvenSense, a company that makes the motion possible in the Wii and in smartphones.  InvenSense was launching their IPO and was going public.  I had always wanted to be there in person to see the opening bell, but it also made me think of my own dream of being up there to ring the bell with the IPO launch of my own company.  That evening, it felt a little closer as my friends on the Global EO Board got to be on stage and ring the closing bell!  WOW!  Click here to see the video I took of the opening bell.

Along with going to the Stock Exchange, we enjoyed a wonderful evening dining and socializing at the Harvard Club in Times Square.  We also heard from three great speakers and spent time with EO members that have really invested time and resources into the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, thus getting a lot in return.  This entire event was extra special! 

Matthew Kelly spoke to us at the NYSE for one of the events.  He does business consulting and wrote the book The Dream Manager.”  His talk resonated deeply with me, so I wanted to share it with you.  Matthew told a story about one time when he was playing golf.  One of the guys he was playing with seemed really down, and when Matthew asked him about it, he mentioned he was having business problems.  After digging, Matthew finally got him to reveal that he has a janitorial company with more than 400% turnover.  This man was spending all his time hiring people and had no time to work on business strategy.

Matthew inquired, “Have you asked the employees what is the problem?”  The man had not and wondered if they would even know, so Matthew said, “Let’s find out.”  They conducted a survey and realized that transportation was the main problem.  They decided to get buses to help the employees, and the business changed significantly.  The turnover rate dropped to just over 200%, so they did the survey again.  This time, they discovered the employees had dreams and desires.  They decided if the employees were helped to realize these dreams, then their respect and loyalty to the company would grow.

They hired a full time dream manager to discuss dreams with the employees.  The dream manager assisted them in creating plans and processes to put them on the path to realizing their small near-term dreams, such as purchasing a laptop or planning a vacation.  Additionally, He helped them work towards their long term dreams of buying a house or getting the proper education toward a new career. 

This approach resonated with me because I am of the type that is always strategizing about working towards the things that make the future better.  I have often asked my team what it is that they are working for and want to have in their lives as they increase their incomes.  It is astounding how the culture of a company can change and how your employees’ perception and loyalty toward their employer improves!

I am working toward my dream of building a company that can go IPO.  What are you doing to invest in the lives and dreams of those around you?