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  • Creating a Jobs Economy

    Our nation is struggling to create jobs.  You’ve likely heard that regulations have limited businesses’ capital, making it difficult for them to hire or expand.  Have you wondered what types of changes to these regulations would help this economy create more jobs?  Let’s discuss a few key changes that have worked in the past to encourage companies to grow and hire more people.

    Many regulations create a big problem for the economy.  Which regulations and policies are stopping us from creating the jobs that we are missing?  Amity Shlaes writes an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, Three Policies That Gave Us the Jobs Economy.” 

  • Want Jobs? Grow Entrepreneurs!

    describe the imageAs I travel around the world, I listen to people talk and read the local papers to get a feel for how others view the global economy.  It is interesting to try and see the world from their perspective.  It seems that many people are just looking for their economies to get better and waiting for leaders to do something about it.

    As I discussed in my last blog, I have a different point of view on changing the world.  I see it as you, the individual, who holds the responsibility to change the world. Great leaders simply provide the mindset and inspiration for you to do so.  They also create an environment that is conducive to allowing the common man to make a difference.