It’s a Give and Ask Business World

I have written a few blogs from David Meerman Scott’s books and blogs because they relate so much to the social media world we are in today. Scott’s work is all about creating a worldwide rave around what you offer, by putting valuable content out on the web that will build credibility and create value for others. He also discusses using current events to leverage more interest and exposure around what you offer the world.

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Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

So I will ask you, are you giving away content on the web that is valuable to others – especially your clients – that attracts them to you? That is the focus of a recent blog that Scott wrote that was based on a TED talk titled “Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking.” In this very interesting TED talk, she discusses her experience of going from a bridal statue and giving out flowers for money, to an alternative rock singer giving her music away for free.

From the experience of learning to ask for money on the streets, she gains an awareness of a connection with people that, to her, was profound. This connection, she realized, overflowed to how she blogged and related to her crowd in that they just gave her money. She then peeled away from her label and did a crowd-funding approach. She hoped to raise $100k, and instead, she raised $1.2 million. She realized that people just want to help when you build a connection and just trust them.

So from a marketing approach, what David recommends is that you give your value content – like blogs videos, infograpahics and full-length ebooks. He says give your best stuff away for free, and build the relationship that comes with being vulnerable.

Next, do as Amanda does and ask them to help you. She says, “Give and receive fearlessly. Ask without shame.” Then, just like the video discusses, David asks if you need a speaker at your next conference.

What are you giving away and asking for help from those whom you provide value?

Creating Your World Wide Rave

In the world of marketing, everyone wants exposure, and everyone wants us to see the uniqueness of what they offer. They come at us every way and any way possible to get us to notice them, until we’re blinded by the commotion and no longer pay attention to most of what they say.

So as someone with something to offer, how do you get people to notice you? What if you took another approach and shared information that helped them find you, and want to hear what you have to say?

What if you wrote an e-book that provided valuable content for people, and gave it away for free, without even requesting an email address? What if you started blogging and sharing your valuable experiences on your product or service knowledge in a completely open and forthcoming way, so as to give people the knowledge that they crave as well as find useful?

Do you think customers would find it useful to see videos of your experiences, product knowledge, real user testimonials, or even how you do what it is that you do?

David Meerman Scott talks in depth about this in his book Creating a World Wide Rave. He says that you can create a rave in whatever niche part of the world you are targeting, with the right approach. One example was the release of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Orlando. Instead of spending millions in advertising dollars, they chose 7 people to experience it firsthand. Those 7 people told tens of thousands of people, who spread the word until news and magazines were writing about it on their own, ultimately reaching an estimated 350 Million people about the new arrival.

Scott asks his audience “In the past month, when you needed information, did you do to the phonebook?” About 5% reply yes. Then he says “In the past month, when was the last time you needed info on a product or service and you Googled it?” This warranted 100% of the audience replying yes, and is representative of the rest of the world. When he asks how many people have recently watch a YouTube video, the response is the same, 100%.

With that said, what are you doing to increase your online ranking and awareness? Do you have keywords or phrases that you own in your industry? And if so, have you done anything to drive them to the top of search engines? Blogs, Ebooks, videos, white papers, and proper wording on your website all help in this area.

Given this insight what are you doing to increase your ranking and awareness online? Have you picked a key word or phrase that you want to own in your industry? If so, what are you doing to drive it to the top of search engines? Blogs, Ebooks, videos, white papers, and proper wording in your website will all help in this area.

Scott’s latest release, Real Time Marketing, discusses using current events to push out your message. In the Fortune Growth Summit he discussed how Oakley sent $190 sunglasses to all the miners in Chile and one firm estimated that it was worth 43 million in comparable advertising dollars. This is thinking in real time, and it works.

Are you doing what is necessary to allow your potential customers to have the informative information that helps them know you are the best choice for their needs? What current events could you use to drive traffic and awareness of you? Check out this Interview with David Meerman Scott.