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  • It’s a Give and Ask Business World

    I have written a few blogs from David Meerman Scott’s books and blogs because they relate so much to the social media world we are in today. Scott’s work is all about creating a worldwide rave around what you offer, by putting valuable content out on the web that will build credibility and create value for others. He also discusses using current events to leverage more interest and exposure around what you offer the world.

  • Creating Your World Wide Rave

    In the world of marketing, everyone wants exposure, and everyone wants us to see the uniqueness of what they offer. They come at us every way and any way possible to get us to notice them, until we’re blinded by the commotion and no longer pay attention to most of what they say.

    So as someone with something to offer, how do you get people to notice you? What if you took another approach and shared information that helped them find you, and want to hear what you have to say?

    What if you wrote an e-book that provided valuable content for people, and gave it away for free, without even requesting an email address? What if you started blogging and sharing your valuable experiences on your product or service knowledge in a completely open and forthcoming way, so as to give people the knowledge that they crave as well as find useful?