I’ve written a lot about execution and getting things done. A few years back we created a software program (FlockGPS) to help us execute on our strategic plan by knocking out quarterly goals on the way to reaching our longterm BHAG, or Bug Hairy Audacious Goal (as coined by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great).

Another aspect to execution is in the day to day – how to manage your time effectively and have productive days that add up to your longer term goals. We all struggle with getting tied up in so many things we must be reactive to, and not making time for those things where we must be proactive.

In Chet Holmes’ book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” he discusses time management secrets. The first chapter digs into an effective daily routine that will increase your productivity several times over. The first step is to make a list of the top 6 things you need to get done. Maybe you already make a list, I know I do, but the key here is to pull from your regular to do list and only focus on the top 6 things.

Next you take those 6 things and figure the amount of time each task will take. The total should not exceed 6.5 hours because you want to leave time for the “unscheduled stuff” – time to be reactive. The last step is to prioritize…putting the most important items at the top to be completed earlier in the day when you have the most time and energy. His process forces the majority of your day to be proactive, and less reactive, thus getting more done. I’m trying it right now and so far, so good!! How much of your day is spent being reactive, instead of proactive?